Removals Bexley DA5

Removals BexleyDon’t entrust your house removal project to just any moving company out there simply because there is too much at stake, and you need everything done properly from A to Z. We, being a professional property removal company with many years of experience, are more than capable and willing to organise and conduct your house removal in the most professional, efficient and cost effective manner. With us there will be no margin for error, or any of the usual high costs so common to specialised removal solutions. We guarantee to have your items relocated safely and delivered timely and intact over to their next destination within the agreed amount of hours, without any unnecessary hassle or extra fuss.

Our property removals in Bexley are the sensible and practical way to deal with the situation as we cover all stages of the relocation. Domestic customers in the DA5 can rely on us to provide them with a genuinely good house removal service which is worth their time and money.

Our removals in Bexley are affordable and easily accessible by all households. You can hire our expert removal teams for as little as £65 an hour! Not only that, but we can come out to you for an onsite quotation in order to provide a more accurate quote estimate – fair pricing is one of our essential business policies.

So is avoiding damage and misplacement of items in our care, this is why we work with qualified and experienced removal teams who go about their duties with professional pace, precision and efficiency. Our guys will be extra careful when shifting and handling high value belongings and other pricy items. Our movers will deal with all aspects of the relocation, from prep work like packing and securing to unloading items in the correct order upon delivery.

We are available for booking by customers in the DA5 seven days a week, including Sundays and public holidays.

We have diversified our service range in DA5 with a specialised man and van in Bexley. This option is ideal for:

Single item removals / relocation of high value belongings like antiques, artwork etc.
Student / dorm / partial removals;
Private order pick-ups and deliveries to/from customer specified address;
Fixed schedule pick-ups and deliveries for commercial customers;
Business 2 business and/or business 2 customer deliveries;
Internet order / store purchase deliveries;


Quick and reliable transportation of smaller items will not set you back a small fortune – quite the opposite actually, you can hire out 1 van and 1 driver for only £30 an hour, with a two hour booking minimum. The man and van in Bexley is a service with week-round availability, booked under flexible hours which work around your schedule and availability.

Apart from general purpose removal solutions, the company also provides specialised relocation services. The service format and contents will depend on the specific nature, volume, type or value of items which customers need relocated, and of course how far the distance they need to travel. In such situations, it is advisable to book a viewing with one of our qualified logistics experts who will discuss with you in detail how to go about shifting your items safely and economically.

We offer professional packing service as part of every removal. We ensure safe handling and damage-free transit through using high durability, industry grade packing and wrapping materials as they ensure extra protection along the way.

Bexley is the principal town or suburb within the London Borough of Bexley (shared name). Originally, Bexley’s main local economy and the drive behind its development was the milling industry. There were a number of large mills situated on the banks of the River Cray. The etymology of the name Bexley is subject to debate between historians and botanists as it likely refers to a type of tree which is unlikely to have grown there, but nevertheless it is present in the district’s name. Bexley’s Old English name was Byxlea. First administrative division and land granting in the Bexley area dates back to the year eight hundred fourteen, when the Archbishop of Canterbury was granted certain portion of the land. First historic records of a manor house in Bexley are from the early twelve hundreds. The first church in Bexley was thirteenth century St Mary’s Church. Hall Place – the only surviving manor house in Bexley was founded by the Lord Mayor of London in fifteen thirty four.